Sourcing & Procurement

//Sourcing & Procurement


KFS has an extensive network of suppliers in global range. This allows us to bring you the best value for your money. KFS knows the best international and local sources for your needs.


KFS brings the sourcing of all building materials under one roof. Through total understanding of the customer needs and careful planning. KFS helps contractors solve sourcing needs and provides just-in-time services according to the needs of the Project. KFS brings quality, dependability and on-time delivery to assist the project managers at site as per site conditions.

Experts at KFS will help you

  • Prepare a comprehensive sourcing plan of your needs
  • Get a better understanding of the technical needs of your main contract
  • Achieve best prices by taking offers from the most suitable sources
  • Plan and administer delivery schedules to the site
  • Help the quality control process
  • Solve warehousing needs for congested sites
  • Arrange the most competitive logistics