Our Products

Railway Equipment & Machinery


KFS international is a versatile establishment to meet all of your railway equipment and machinery needs. Our product profile includes super quality railway equipment and machineries that will function at core standard. Experienced engineers of KFS is highly committed to produce highly specialized machines for track construction, track components, testing and monitoring equipment etc. We are the leading providers of every heavy and small tools and machineries required for railway and associated works.

Our range of equipment and machineries include:

  • Standard gauge equipment
  • Narrow gauge equipment
  • Dumpers
  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Trailers
  • Tampers
  • Trolleys
  • Welding system
  • Drills
  • Wheel stops
  • Track lifting and lining tools
  • Hand tools
Heavy Machinery & Equipment

KFS International undertake keen responsibility to meet all kinds of needs on heavy machinery and equipment. With our credibility and versatility, we have been serving various industries in the Middle east for long years. We have wide range of innovative solutions to meet every challenges ahead in different sites. All of our machinery and equipment are ready to produce high end performance. As we value our client’s time as vital and important, we never compromise with our supplies’ quality and standard. We are highly dedicated to ensure on that every requested services are met by the customers in stipulated time.  We are always available to meet your needs on heavy construction equipment, engineering machineries, hydraulics, excavators, forklifts, dozers, cranes etc.

Insulation Materials

KFS is highly involved in supporting every industry to attain efficiency in energy related operations. We help to safeguard the men and money behind every project by ensuring maximum safety to all your electrical appliances and connections with our high quality insulation materials. Our products will ensure the safety on part of the operational energy load in the interior and exterior of buildings.

Our insulation materials are possessing high quality to offer maximum heat resistance and thereby, safety is guaranteed. We are the reliable and best cost suppliers of all types of radiant and reflective insulation material and systems. Over past years, we have been safeguarding buildings and premises from any electrical disasters and damages with our high quality and sustainable insulation materials.

Infrastructural Pipes and its related accessories.

KFS International is a leading supplier of every kind of pipes and all of the related accessories to various industries in the Middle East. Our highly qualified and dedicated team is ready to meet every piping related requirements and with the high quality supplies we have become one of the top leading pipe and related accessory providers in UAE.

GRP Pipes:

A fiber glass Pipe is a composite product made of glass fibers embedded in/or surrounded by thermosetting resin which is subsequently cured. Fiberglass pipes include:

  • Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) pipes
  • Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipes
  • Glass Reinforced Vinyl ester (GRV) pipe

Since in 1970s, fiberglass technology has evolved to enable fiberglass to be used as either the pipe materials of choice or a feasible alternative for certain applications and across all end-markets, except gas transmission. The competitive attributes of Fiberglass are lightweight, durable, anti- corrosive, efficient carrier and a versatile material.

Tensioned Membrane Structures

We provide quality tensioned membrane structures to meet affordable shaded constructions. This is the most economical plan to cover large areas for parking, transit or weather protection etc. Tensioned membrane structures provide that much needed shade and weather barriers. Experienced architects and designers can produce sleek designs with tensioned membrane structures.

Sunshade Structure Solutions

We provide high standard sunshade structure solutions with affordable rate. Our quality materials are delivered in short time to meet all your requirements on time. Our architectural fabrics are flexible to create highly appealing designs with preference to customer’s specifications.

Other Various Building Materials as Project Based

KFS International provides timely delivery of all kinds of building materials. We are highly reliable and committed to relay on every material requirement by the project engineers and team. With us, you will experience flawless building and construction experience with delivery in stipulated time.